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Waterproofing Systems

Armidale Ceramics is the local distributor for Ardex Australia Pty. Ltd the manufacturer of the legendary Ardex WPM waterproofing products for the ceramic tile industry.

Armidale Ceramics are stockist of the WPM series of single and two part-waterproofing membranes and preparatory coatings for most tiling applications. For other specialised waterproofing materials required for specialised applications Armidale Ceramics will be glad to order these products from Ardex Australia on request.

Ardex and ABA waterproofing systems have been researched, developed and used in the tiling industry for many decades. Ardex waterproofing systems have been tried tested and proven to be easy to use and dependable. Armidale Ceramics proudly recommends and stocks Ardex waterproofing systems for under tile internal wet areas, external balconies and roofing applications.

The foundation of any wet area tiling job is a reliable waterproofing system insist on the best Ardex WPM systems supplied by Armidale Ceramics.

Ardex Primers

Description Price (inc GST)
20 kg Ardex Multiprime $183.80 Datasheet
4 kg Ardex Multiprime $45.00
1 kg Ardex Multiprime $17.70
4 lt Ardex P9 Single Part Primer $110.40 Datasheet
1 lt Ardex P9 Single Part Primer $40.80

Ardex Primers - Silicone

Description Price (inc GST)
300 ml Ardex SE Coloured Silicone $14.20 Datasheet
310 ml Ardex CA 20 P White or Black $23.80

Ardex Waterproofing - Single Part

Description Price (inc GST)
20 kg Ardex WPM 155 Rapid $230.30 Datasheet
5.3 kg Ardex WPM 155 Rapid $79.00
20 kg Ardex WPM 001 $284.10 Datasheet

Ardex Waterproofing - Two Part

Description Price (inc GST)
20 kg Liquid / 20 kg Powder Ardex WPM 002 $300.30 Datasheet

Ardex Waterproofing - Preparatory Coating

Description Price (inc GST)
20 lt kit Ardex WPM 300 Hydrpoxy $481.90 Datasheet
4 lt kit Ardex WPM 300 Hydrpoxy $108.50
20 kg Ardex WPM368 Single Part Membrane $408.40 Datasheet
15 linm Ardex STB 75 Waterproofing Tape $52.70 Datasheet
190 mm x 50 linm Ardex Deckweb $48.10 Datasheet

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